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    Discover Unforgettable Fun in CT with Slime! Explore Educational Workshops for Kids, Embrace Creative Slime Sculpting, and Register for Sensory Play and Artistic Expression Through Slime!

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    Unlock Your Creativity with Our Engaging Slime Workshops! Embrace the Fun, Register Today, and Immerse Yourself in the World of Slime-Making!

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    Dive into Our Online Slime Shop – Where Creativity Meets Fun! Explore Vibrant Colors and Unique Textures. Shop Now!

  • Peeps Slime Workshop

    Join our Peeps DIY Clay Slime Workshops for all ages this Easter weekend, where adults and kids can craft their own 8 oz Peeps-themed slime creation, complete with DIY clay, and enjoy Slime sensory play, available only at select times.

  • Slime Birthday Party

    Celebrate with our slime birthday party, a fun-filled experience perfect for kids, teens, and adults birthday parties. Featuring hands-on slime making and creative play for a uniquely memorable celebration.

  • Slime Field Trips

    Our Slime Field Trips are ideal for schools, daycare centers, youth groups, and summer camps, offering both on-site experiences and mobile field trips to bring the slimy fun directly to you.

    General Admission- Slime Sensory Play Only

    *Includes a 2 oz sample slime creation (color and scent)


    DIY Slime Lab - ONE 8 oz Slime Creations

    Includes Sensory Play, plus choosing your favorite texture, adding color, scent, toppings, and charms!


    DIY Slime Lab - TWO 8 oz Slimes Creations

    Includes Sensory Play, plus choosing your favorite texture, adding color, scent, toppings, and charms!


    Questions? Chat with us by text at 203.632.9651.

    Get ready for a slimetastic adventure at The Vault Slime Lab Discovery Center! Please remember, all our guests need admission tickets to enter the slime lab, whether they're getting gooey or just curious. Opt for our "General Admission" which includes access to the slime lab, a sample 2oz  slime  creation, sensory play, and access to our slime exhibits. Let the fun begin!

    Special Hours of Operation NOW thru April 30th (Spring Break)
    Sun: 10am-6pm,
    Mon, Tues, Wed: 11am-6pm, Thurs: 11am-8pm, Fri: 11am-10pm, Sat: 7pm-10pm.
    *Reserving in advance is recommended.

    Unlock the Wonders of Slime at The Vault Slime Lab Discovery Center

    slime sensory at the vault slime lab

    Welcome to The Vault Slime Lab Discovery Center, a one-of-a-kind destination that celebrates the art and science of slime. Dive into the mesmerizing world of textures, colors, and creativity as you discover the secrets of slime-making and explore our interactive exhibits.

    Unlock the Therapeutic and Educational Potential of Slime at The Vault Slime Lab Discovery Center

    At The Vault Slime Lab Discovery Center, we believe in the therapeutic and educational value of Slime. We encourage you to explore this exhibit, immerse yourself in the sensory play, and discover the mental health benefits and overall well-being it can bring to your life.


    Explore the soothing and moldable texture of Cloud Dough Slime.

    Sensory Benefits

    Create shapes, patterns, and sculptures to engage your tactile senses while promoting relaxation and stress relief.


    Dive into the creamy and stretchy world of Cloud Cream Slime.

    Sensory Benefits

    Stretch, pull, and twist it to enhance your fine motor skills and promote mindfulness.


    Experience the light and fluffy texture of Cloud Slime.

    Sensory Benefits

    Its gentle touch can help reduce stress and anxiety while encouraging creativity.


    Discover the cooling sensation of Icee Slime.

    Sensory Benefits

    The temperature contrast with your skin can provide a refreshing sensory experience, promoting relaxation and focus.


    Feel the smooth and buttery texture of Butter Slime.

    Sensory Benefits

    Its malleability and pleasant scent make it an excellent choice for sensory play and relaxation.


    Classic Slime offers a versatile sensory experience.

    Sensory Benefits

    Knead, stretch, or squish it to stimulate your senses and foster creativity and concentration.


    Explore the transparency of Clear Slime.

    Sensory Benefits

    Observing its mesmerizing flow and the objects you can hide within can enhance your visual and tactile perception.


    Engage with the unique texture of Bread Slime.

    Sensory Benefits

    It mimics the softness of bread dough, providing a comforting and relaxing sensory experience.

    Book A Slime Birthday Party

    Plan the Perfect Slime Birthday Party! Book an Exciting Celebration with Fun-filled Activities, Colorful Slime Creations, and Memorable Moments for Kids of All Ages. Contact Us Today to Secure Your Spot!


    Upcoming Interactive Displays/Exhibits

    Get ready for an exciting transformation! Our Slime Lab is undergoing renovations to become The Vault Slime Lab Discovery Center, and we’re thrilled to announce that our upcoming Interactive Slime Exhibits, are just around the corner. Prepare to dive into a world of thrilling experiments and immersive experiences like never before!

    Interactive Wall

    Explore our mesmerizing Interactive LED Peg Wall, a fusion of art and technology!

    AR Sanbox

    Step into the world of augmented reality with our captivating AR Sandbox experience!

    Book a Field Trip or We Go to You.

    Embark on Engaging and Educational Adventures with Your Students at The Vault Slime Lab Discovery Center! Discover the Fascinating Science of Slime and Book a Field Trip Today to Create Lasting Memories and Spark Curiosity!

    Create Your Own Slime!

    At The Vault Slime Lab, you can create your own custom batches of slime in a variety of colors and textures. Whether you’re a kid or just young at heart, making slime at The Vault Slime Lab is an experience you won’t want to miss. So gather your friends and family and head over to The Vault Slime Lab for an unforgettable slime-making adventure

    the vault slime lab green slime

    Embark on a Creative Journey with Our Educational Slime Workshops for Kids

    Elevate Your Creativity and Immerse Yourself in the Mesmerizing World of Slime with our Upcoming Slime Workshops – Join Us for a Fun and Hands-On Adventure that Unleashes Your Inner Artist and Scientist!

    Slime-Making Marvels

    Join us for an interactive and immersive slime-making workshop at The Vault Slime Lab Discovery Center. In our "Slime-Making Marvels" workshop, students and groups have the opportunity to dive headfirst into the captivating world of slime.

    Wednesdays 11am-12pm

    Uncover the secrets of slime as we delve into the science behind its intriguing textures and colors. Students will gain insight into the chemical reactions that occur during the slime-making process.
    Registration Will Open Soon

    Slime Sculpting and Painting

    Explore your artistic side at our 'Artistry Unleashed' workshop at The Vault Slime Lab Discovery Center. Get creative by molding, shaping, and painting with slime to craft vibrant sculptures.

    Thursday 11am-12pm

    Explore sculpting with slime, molding it into imaginative creations. Experiment with a variety of colors, mixing pigments to craft custom slime hues and bring your artistic vision to life.
    Registration Will Open Soon

    Sensory Slime Delight

    Discover our 'Sensory Slime Delight' workshops for a unique and educational sensory experience at The Vault Slime Lab Discovery Center. Dive into the world of soothing slime to unwind, de-stress, and engage your senses.

    Thursday 11am-12pm

    Explore the world of slime, awakening your senses with captivating textures. These sessions provide an escape from daily life, promoting relaxation, stress reduction, and mindfulness.
    Registration Will Open Soon

    Slime Science Spectacular

    Explore the mesmerizing world of slime at our 'Slime Science Spectacular' workshop at The Vault Slime Lab Discovery Center. Engage in captivating science experiments that both entertain and educate, providing a hands-on chemistry lesson you won't want to miss!

    Thursday 11am-12pm

    Experience mesmerizing science demos revealing the chemistry of diverse slime types. Learn how ingredients influence textures, colors, and behaviors. Join expert-led experiments for accessible, fun chemistry insights.
    Registration Will Open Soon

    What People Say!

    Read what our visitors have to say about their slime-tastic experiences at The Vault Slime Lab Discovery Center – where curiosity, creativity, and fun collide!

    Ray Roberts
    Ray Roberts
    Awesome place, very clean, very friend, very fun.the place is at 21 first street Seymour Connecticut. Not Main Street.
    Bre Banks
    Bre Banks
    We had a slime party for our 4 year old. It was amazing! Grizz and her team were awesome, everything from decor to the actual slime class was perfect! The kids had so much fun and the adults enjoyed themselves too. Everyone was blown away by the party and our daughter can’t stop talking about how much fun she had. If u have a slime lover u must book!
    Catherine La Forza
    Catherine La Forza
    A hidden gem worth looking for...very fun for the Littles (3 and 5 yo)...we spent about 90 minutes exploring different types of slime with lots of interaction with staff who showed us how to make giant bubbles and then helped us decorate and personalize our own slime...we really enjoyed ourselves...
    Alex Price
    Alex Price
    Very Cool experience. The group had a lot of fun. Highly recommend!
    Isaac Schwartz
    Isaac Schwartz
    Amazing experience for the kids! They loved it! Donna was amazing and so helpful! Will definitely come back!
    Pedro Navarro
    Pedro Navarro
    Awesome place! Kids had so much fun doing VR and the slime lab. Staff was so friendly, helpful and attentive.
    Elisa Escamilla
    Elisa Escamilla
    My husband, me and our 5 year old had so much fun on both places The vault room and the slime lab. You can tell the owner is so passionate about her idea of creating slime. We had a great time. I wish you guys the best
    Megan Elizabeth
    Megan Elizabeth
    Such a neat place to take the kiddos. Plenty to keep them busy between the sensory areas and the slime making. The staff is super friendly and engaging with the kids. My one year old and six year old loved it!



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